Dejan Radovanovic

recent works


4K temporal loop video, color, stereo sound, 08:10 minutes, 2017
Music: 'Nocturne' from upcoming CD 'Surface Tension' - Ethos Collective performs the music of Jordan Nobles
Composer: Jordan Nobles
Performers: Ethos Collective (Katie Rife, director and marimba; Samantha Fu, flute; Kathryn Emiko Hintersteininger, violin; Stefan Hintersteininger, cello; Timothy Van Cleave, vibraphone; Chris Morano, piano; Colin MacDonald, saxophone)
TK451 © 2017 Redshift Music

Director / DP / Mixed Reality / Cut / UAV Pilot : Dejan Radovanovic
Filmed at Burnaby Mountain, BC
Production: © 2017 Studio UMMAGUMMA



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