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'Still Life with Echo'

HD video, color, stereo sound, 04:41 minutes, 2017

'Still Life with Echo'
Orpheum Theatre, 601 Smithe St, Vancouver, BC
October 17, 2017

Six new site specific works by BC composers for large ensemble.
Architecture and acoustics in a unique, immersive, four story event.

Michael Park – The Orpheum Lobby
Mike WT Allen – Woke Floke Gaze
Jordan Nobles – Negative Space
Christopher Blaber – Mirrors #4
Katerina Gimon – Rain on a Tin Roof
Nancy Tam – And then there were spirits

Adrian Verdejo – guitar, Andrew Chavez-Kline – clarinet, Bryan Deans – cello, Colin MacDonald – saxophone, Doug Gorkoff – cello, Ellie Froese – clarinet, Janine King – trombone, Jazz Palley – double bass, John Kastelic – viola, Michelle Pannikar – percussion, Mike Allen – saxophone, clarinet, Spencer Shoening – guitar, Angela Ruthven – violin, Benton Roark – guitar, Chris Blaber – percussion, Clara Sze – flute, Donovan Seidle – violin, Greg Sameck – percussion, Janna Sailor – violin, Joel Mackenzie – guitar, Marina Hasselberg – cello, Mark Haney – bass, Martin Fisk – percussion, Tegan Wahlgren – violin

Presented by Redshift New Music and Ecstatic Waves.

Director Dejan Radovanovic
© 2017 Studio UMMAGUMMA



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